I need you to import to Tumblr.

’nuff said. Although maybe the lack of posts is preventing that?

[Update] This was really just meant to be a random post but I’ve noticed Google referring a lot of people searching for how to import WP posts to Tumblr. Might as well help out.

1. In your Tumblr dashboard, go to the Feeds tab.

2. Tumblr can automatically import WP feeds with just your blog name. Select WordPress.com from the first combo box. And then write your blogname. That’s whatever’s in the url. For example, my url is https://stanladan.wordpress.com. My blog name is stanladan. Remember, the blog name is not the same as your blog title [unless you’ve set the two to be the same XD].

3. If that does not work, try manually adding your feed.WP feed urls are basically your blog url with a /feed appended. So my WP feed url is https://stanladan.wordpress.com/feed.

4. If all else fails, try e-mailing Tumblr support. They’re really helpful and do reply to your remails. 😀


One Response to I need you to import to Tumblr.

  1. andianka says:

    i have no idea what the short line is about.. but.. just wanna say, welcome to Pinoy Blogosphere.. 😀

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