Regionalistic identification

Pardon the title but I could not think of any other term to describe it. “It” being the way Filipinos always have to identify themselves with their region. To wit, the on-going Review a Mindanao blog contest.

The main objective of the contest is to highlight and promote blogs made by Mindanaoans.

The Mindanao Blog Directory takes it even further by categorizing blogs according to the specific region, province, and cities their authors hail from. Is there really a need to identify your blog with your place of origin? I’m thinking that this reflect people’s sense of deep-rootedness. An imagination that wherever you are from, there you will always be. A mentality that if you’re a Dabawenyo, your life will center in Davao. Is this kind of world view (or country view?) a good thing or a bad thing? That’s for another discussion.

I can understand why we might want to promote blogs. But to promote blogs simply on the merit of their being made by Mindanaoans, I don’t understand. Is it because we can find no other similarities that we only have a regional identity to rally around? Is this project to prove that Mindanao is not as backward as many people from other regions think it is? I feel like I’m missing out on something and I really want to know. Why?

Update: I just read the official contest guidelines and it turns out that what will be judged are the reviews themselves, and not the blogs they are reviewing. Things get even more confusing.


3 Responses to Regionalistic identification

  1. Hello Stan! Thanks very much for your post — it certainly gives us a fresh insight into ourselves. 🙂

    OK, you have raised valid questions, and I can understand your confusion. But really, it’s not that we want to set ourselves apart from the rest of the Philippines. Thing is, Mindanao has been left on the wayside for too long by the national government, and that has resulted in a lot of societal problems etc etc….

    Our purpose (the blog directory, the review-writing competition) is to show the world that, hey, we’re here! That’s it. The reason why the directory is organized by Minanao regions & provinces is nothing but just to set it apart from other existing blog directories. No other underlying social reason there whatsoever. But, you’re right about Filipinos always linking back, so to speak, to their hometowns. 🙂

    I’m concerned that you find the Review-a-Blog competition confusing. Pls let me know why and I’ll try to make it more easily understood — I wouldn’t want to alienate any blogger out there who might want to join. Pls email me or let’s continue the conversation here on your blog.

  2. steve says:

    Blogie, now that you put it in that light I can see more clearly the need for this kind of promotion. Kudos to you and other Mindanao bloggers for taking this kind of initiative in helping the growth of the region.

    On the other hand, what I find confusing about the competition is that I don’t see how it helps achieve your goal. Not all the blogs up for review are actually about Mindanao; a lot are personal/money-making blogs. I wonder if it would be more effective to offer as candidates only those blogs which are dedicated to Mindanao topics. 😀

  3. But that’s the point, Steve (sorry about the “stan” above) — we want everybody to see that there is diversity in, and much content being generated from, Mindanao!

    I do hope you’ll join the competition. 🙂

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