Naming and communities.

I’ve long been wanting to write this essay and finally something erupted on of my mailing lists that made me see the point my clearly. I first got the notion of this while browsing one of my friend’s photo albums. The collection was titled “SciHi batch 2005 island hopping” or something of that sort. There are around 140+ people in my highschool class. There were around 10-15 people in the pictures. I don’t even recall being invited to a batch island hopping outing.

The point was illustrated even further when I joined the PinoyBlogoSphere mailing list. There was a lot of discussion about spam, about what the mailing list is for, etc. I was chatting with Rocky about our disappointments with the mailing list. My frustration was that it did not reach my expectations. Based on the posts, it seemed that the other bloggers on that list were not on the same wavelength as me.

I found myself disagreeing on the nature of this community. However, I knew that was not just the reason. I thought and thought and thought even harder and it dawned on me that I was disappointed because the bloggers I was looking for were not on that list. Not one of the bloggers in my reader were there. Which got me to thinking – is it right for a group to brand itself the PinoyBlogoSphere if it doesn’t count the majority of Pinoy bloggers as members?

This might simply be an issue of naming but more often than not, there is more to the name than meets the eye. I know this is completely half-baked, but the reason I blog is so that I can get other people to help me flesh out my ideas. I’d really love to hear what you have to say about this.


10 Responses to Naming and communities.

  1. andianka says:

    ah… so you don’t have your blogger friends within the mailing list? that’s not supposed to be an issue since as we know, the PBS ML is new. it still is reaching out for members. we do not disclose it to “us” alone inside as PBS of the world or something. anyone (filipino) can join, therefore, those that are not within it are either ‘not yet’ invited, and will be invited, hopefully soon.

    as for the expectations and such… like what we said, it’s new. maybe if you could, write a bit of what you expected, a scenario, and maybe everyone else, we could do a bit of transformation. as it is what we’re actually doing as of the moment.

    thanks for the share!

  2. iRonnie says:

    hi! i myself agreed with rocky’s observation in the ML. however, we cannot really expect every blogger to join the pbs mailing list. my disappointment was rooted that amidst the tons of emails i was receiving, only very few of them were substantial in general.

  3. rOckY says:


    I don’t think that PBS claimed to have have everyone just yet – that’s more like a goal at as it approaches 500 members, it’s certainly getting off to a good start.

    It’s like Pinoy Gay Blogs, which I write reviews for. It doesn’t have all queer blogs (a lot of the popular ones remain absent from the blogroll) but they’re certainly trying.

  4. steve says:

    Well the fact that it is new explains a lot. I’ve also realized that it’s hard to make a community one-size-fits-all. Different bloggers have different motivations in blogging and this shows in the kind of messages showing up.

    Now if everyone else talked about what they were interested in, and i didn’t find it at all interesting, it would only be like noise to me. Perhaps this is what Ronnie says about the emails being insubstantial in general.

  5. bratyfly says:

    “I slowly became aware of cultural barriers and I learned to find ways to get past them. I was given a chance to know other’s cultures by exchanging ideas comparing observations. We are at the crossroads of divergent views brought about by our cultural differences. But from the differences, we were able to pick out similarities in our thoughts and aspirations. It was in establishing differences that we singled out the common thread that bound us together as human beings. It’s not true that we should agree in everything. Perhaps, what we need more is not uniformity of ideas, but harmony. We were so diverse as people that it was almost impossible to get us all agree. Indeed what we need was to harmonize our differences, as in orchestra so that each would compliment the whole.”

    This is an excerpt from a book I have read almost 10 years ago. The title was like crossing cultural bridge and the author’s last name sounds puntecha.

  6. dYu says:

    First, I’d like to thank you for being honest enough to express your disappointment that PBS does not meet your expectation(s). Second, I’d like to point out that we can’t really do away with people having different wavelengths within any group and PBS is not an exception. Third, it may be true that the bloggers you know (or your readers) are not yet on the PBS mailing list but we also know that most of the pinoy bloggers are really not yet in it (maybe not even 5% of the total is already in). I’m assuring you we are reaching out and we will continue to reach out to the other 95%(or more) sooner or later… possibly with your help.

    Is it not true that groups/communities start with a small group and gradually grow and mature into a better, more stable, and successful organization?

    We openly accept all criticisms, it may be negative or positive. It’s all part of it and it all adds up to the growth of what we are building. We’ve come this far and there’s no turning back. There may be lot of challenges in the way but i’m sure a lot of people (even more than we may expect) would help in overcoming every single challenge that may come along. We will address every single issue that would arise. We will try to make ways in order to meet expectations that seems to be not being met. We will do our very best in our own simple ways to keep PBS as organized and as acceptable as it can possibly be.

    Now, the challenge is on all of us, not just to those who started it but to all who are concerned and willing to keep it and let it grow. If expectations are not being met, then let’s do something to meet them. If some feel that they are not in the same wavelength as ours, then let’s find out other means to make them feel comfortable… maybe invite people that has same wavelength as his/her. If the PBS members does not (yet) comprise of the majority of the bloggers in the blogosphere, then let’s invite the majority and be part of it. We can’t make PBS perfect but at least we can try to do something about it.

    If only each one of us (not just the moderators, not just the oldies, not just those that i know, not just those that you know, but all of us) would make a stand and point out things that needs to be rectified and let the group set it right, then I think we already know what will happen to our group/community, the PinoyBlogoSphere (Pinoy Bloggers Society).

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  9. steve says:

    dYu, thanks for taking all of this in stride. It is really not the list’s fault that I was disappointed. I sort of got the name wrong and I was expecting that a lot of bloggers would already be on the list, and that there would be a lot of meaningful emails and all. So these expectations are really my responsibility.

    As I said in one of my earlier comments, I did say that it is difficult to have the list please everybody because there are a wide range of interests. I’ve actually solved this by changing to an individual message subscription instead of digest mode. This way, I can choose what I want to read based on the subject. 😀

    And rest assured, I will do my part in helping build this Pinoy Bloggers Society. 😉

  10. Rozeh says:

    you know what, posting something like this is backfighting. but you posted this in PBS too so it’s not 😀

    Anyway, I just want you to know that you kinda offended me in a way.

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