Of false imaginings [part2].

Many people might argue that “the Pinoy blogosphere” or “the Filipino blogging community” is simply a buzzword. This may be so, but even if we mean something else when we use it, our intended meaning will be shadowed by what the phrase implies. Remember those times when our elders told us to be careful with our words? This is why.


Note that “_the_ Pinoy blogosphere” or even just “Pinoy blogosphere” refers to the blogosphere in the singular. Does this suggest that there is one overarching community (which means it subsumes other communities) of Filipino bloggers? I think so. And I think that this is precisely where Jayvee’s original claim of misrepresentation is coming from. Indeed, if we lumped together all the Filipino blogs, it would be impossible not to misrepresent them. Or consider the ruckus raised about the impressive marketing stint that is “Making money online with a 13-year-old”. Sassy Lawyer says in reaction to the reactions: “Now, I ask: Which community? What is “acceptable”? Exactly! If we weren’t looking at it from a we’re-all-in-this-together point-of-view, the transparency crusaders would all just tell each other to not visit the site instead of wasting time and effort spouting rhetoric which the other side will never pay attention to. And vice versa. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t fight to shape our part of the Internet in the way we want it to be – if we didn’t that would be boring. What I’m just saying is that by ridding ourselves of our false sense of community, we can avoid the ugly fighting that goes with trying to impose our views on others.


Correcting our misconceptions about a Pinoy blogosphere is not only a cure. It is also a form of prevention. By establishing that the bases of community are shared interests and beliefs, we avoid making generalizations. Imagine, a newcomer stumbles upon a network of blogs which claims to be members of the Pinoy blogosphere. Said newcomer observes how asinine those blogs are, and how they are mostly geared towards making money. Newbie then arrives at the conclusion that the Pinoy blogosphere is not really such a good place after all. I have read many people complaining about blogging not being fun anymore, about how Filipinos are always politicking, about how blogging is becoming an ugly business. They arrive at those views only because they only see the noisy people, who coincidentally are part of the group that advocates a Pinoy blogosphere.


I’m not saying that we should dump our Filipino identity when we go online. I think it is wonderful the way there many communities of Filipino bloggers. Let’s just please dump this concept of a Pinoy blogosphere. Seriously. It doesn’t exist.


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